Monday, August 8, 2011

Daroji Bear Sanctuary - Heaven for sloth bears

sunset over watchtower at daroji bear sanctuaryThe Watch Tower at Sunset

Daroji Bear sanctuary is a must for any of you sloth bear lovers. A short drive from Bangalore, this sanctuary is situated very close to the popular tourist destination Hampi. A trip inside the sanctuary costs a very nominal fee, but provides some lovely fauna sighting opportunities. P.S. if asking for directions, ask the locals for 'Karadi Dhama' and not 'Daroji'. :D

sloth bear at daroji bear sanctuarySloth Bear at Daroji Bear Sanctuary

Unlike most of the usual sanctuary's, the best time to visit Daroji is late afternoon, when the bears come out for feeding.

sloth bear at daroji bear sanctuaryTeddy bear with claws :)

One can if lucky sight female bears with cubs, and in some cases the mother carrying the cubs on her back. Sadly i never got to see this.

sloth bear with cubSloth Bear with Cub

Daroji is also home to other fauna such as leopard, hyena, mongooses and the elusive and rare pangolin.

sloth bear at daroji bear sanctuaryStanding tall

sloth bear at daroji bear sanctuarySloth bear

sloth bear at daroji bear sanctuaryOn the Rocks

sloth bear at daroji bear sanctuaryAn image i always wanted

Even bird life is quite spectacular here, with pretty good sightings of painted spurfowls, jungle bush quails, painted francolins and yellow-throated bulbuls. Peafowl are present in large numbers.

painted spurfowlMale Painted Spurfowl with female in the background

daroji bear sanctuaryA view from our tower

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  1. Wonderful images Angad, your love for wildlife and photgraphy is evident from your pictures..
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  2. wonderful captures Angad, heard a lot about Daroji but yet to visit!

  3. Magnificent photographs of the Sloth Bear. I had never seen one before coming to your blog this morning.

  4. @AJAY: Thanks buddy!! :)

    @SANTOSH: You sure should make a trip there... :)

    @ABRAHAM: Thank you.. :)You would love the wildlife here in India.. Cheers!! :)

  5. Looks really nice and pictures are too good. Thanks for giving us a virtual tour of the sanctuary...

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    Nice pics. I was never aware of this bear sanctuary. Would definitely will go there.


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  13. Interesting photos. If you can follow few tips you can improvise the pics:Photography Tips

  14. Thanks Ambika, Prahalad & Brain... :)

  15. Loved the photographs! Spotting Sloth Bear in Daroji Bear Sanctuary is almost effortless. Of course, the rocky terrain helps. One needs to be careful going too close to huge crevices in the rocks as bears often cool down in such areas. The best thing is to hire a guide. Another great thing about this sloth bear paradise is its location. For tourists, it’s a boon as they can club the visit to Hampi together with the wildlife adventure.


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