Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Small Green barbet / White-cheeked Barbet

Come September - mid-October and the trees around my workplace are usually busy with bird activity, especially barbets. Its quite easy to spot them as the males have a very loud mating call which is constant during the afternoons.

One can easily see them in pairs or even three of them together(as i quite often happen to see) during this period of the year.

Unlike the Brown-headed Barbet, this species is mainly found in South India and has a broad white cheek stripe below the eye which distinguishes it from the former.

small green barbet or white-cheeked barbetSmall Green Barbet / White-cheeked Barbet

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  1. Hi there Angad
    I like the inquisitive look you have captured in this fellow...and the green coat against the coral background is a great contrast.

    Happy Days

  2. SUBLIME...its splendid & graceful way of "posing" is just wonderful...!!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  3. Hi Angad,
    That's a wonderful bird and the picture you got is splendid!! Well done mate. It is probably very nice to get such a bird hanging in the tress around your hosue!

  4. Lovely capture, Angad. Unusual color -- he's beautiful. :)

  5. The bird and the background have an uncanny resemblance :) is that editing or that's how the background was?

  6. Oh, what a beautiful bird! And so are your photo with great colors and light.

  7. Angad, I took a look around your blog. Gee....I loved all your fine photos. You turn the birds/wildlife into Stars!

  8. It is fun to visit your blog and discover new birds and animals.

  9. It is fun to visit your blog and discover new birds and animals.

  10. Thank you Delwyn, Elvira, Mary, Chris, Nancy, Chintan, Spiderdama, Jean, Abe & Sharon for all the kind words... :)

    @ELVIRA: They are sort of getting used to looking at me.. :D

    @CHINTAN: 100% original BG.. :)

    @JEAN: They are the real stars.. :) Glad you liked the blog...

  11. Simply beautifully captured shot...lovely!

  12. Very colourful Angad, interesting bird, thanks for showing - Mike

  13. Hi...
    I am looking after a baby bird with a broken leg.. n then i saw this pic.. n there he is..Can u tell me how can we distinguish male from female? do both have this loud call at noon?

  14. Hi..
    I am looking after a baby bird with a broken leg..I saw this pic,, n there he is...
    Can u tell me how to distinguish a male from female? Do both have the loud call at noon?


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