Monday, December 5, 2011

Indian Roller

Indian Roller, Coracias benghalensis:
While quite a common and colorful bird, not many people know that the Indian Roller is also the State Bird of Karnataka. It was formerly called Blue Jay. They are usually seen perched on trees and electric wires along roads and also in open grasslands. It is a 26-27cm stocky bird. They mainly feed on insects such as beetles, grasshoppers and crickets.
The Indian Roller is easily distinguished from the migratory European Roller, the former has a brown breast while the latter has a blue breast.

Indian RollerIndian Roller

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  1. What a wonderful flight capture Angad. Long time I did not see the European one. I could see it every morning when I lived in France ;-)

  2. The blue plumage is brilliant! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I truly appreciate it. :)

  3. Hello Dude,

    The Indian roller is a stocky bird about 26–27 cm long and can only be confused within its range with the migratory European Roller. The crown and vent are blue. The tail is sky blue with a terminal band of Prussian blue and the central feathers are dull green. The neck and throat are purplish lilac with white shaft streaks. Thanks a lot.......

  4. Great picture of a beautiful bird.


  5. Excellent capture this is!
    What's ur cam/lens??

  6. How have I missed you the past couple of days, what with this gorgeous entry...brilliant shades of blue. Take care~

  7. Wow. That is an amazing pop of blue under their wings. Definitely more dazzling than the jays in the states.

  8. Well captured flight.As for the feet;amazing.

  9. What a lovely bird with a stunningly beautiful blue color.

  10. Wow, Fantastic picture! Good work!
    We have seen different roller in Southafrica, they are really beautiful birds!

    Greetings from Switzerland
    Yvonne & Raphael

  11. Really beautiful bird. It;s like a little explosion of blue.


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