Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tickell's Blue Flycatcher - A dream setting!!

A beautiful setting is what all of us photographers crave for, and here I happened to get just that, an image of a beautiful Tickell's Blue Flycatcher at Nandi Hills, Bangalore.

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Tickell's Blue Flycatcher, Bangalore, April 2013
Equipment used:
Nikon D3S
Nikkor 600mm F4 VR
Gitzo 1325 tripod
Gitzo GH5380SQR ball head

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  1. Wow! Absolutely beautiful and brilliant shot on the bird. Impressive detail!

  2. Thanks for showing the beautiful images with great information.India is a various nation with decently stuffed and rich wildlife sanctuaries in india. Untamed life in India gives travelers really agreeable and energizing travel experience. It draws in sightseers, untamed life mates, nature sweethearts and untamed life experience lovers from everywhere throughout the world


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