Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Difference between Adult and Juvenile Egyptian Vultures

I had a lovely day shooting Egyptian Vultures with my friends Sameer & Vinay.

In this post you can see the stark difference between the adult and juvenile Egyptian Vultures.

adult and juvenile egyptian vultureJuvenile(Left) and Adult(right) Egyptian Vultures

egyptian vulture in flightEgyptian vulture in flight

juvenile egyptian vulture in flightJuvenile egyptian vulture in flight

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  1. amazing shots!!
    loved the details on the wings in second shot...very well done...

  2. It has been 10 years since I last saw this species for real so great to compare the different ages side by side. Super shots Angad.

  3. they are gorgeous creatures! wow!

  4. excellent captures... esp in flight... they are majestic!

  5. Oh my goodness, spectacular images! You have captured the differences beautifully. Fantastic detail! Your photographs are exceptional. A joy to visit your wonderful blog! You are so very gifted as a photographer.

  6. Am always in awe of these powerful birds, and you've caught them in flight brilliantly. Awesome photographs!

  7. http://chintangupta.blogspot.com/2011/09/thursday-blog-surfing-02.html

    You are mentioned here :)

  8. I have tried to leave comments for 2 days and shall try again. Sent you an e-mail but it came back...
    I love the earth colourations of each the adult and juvie birds. They are really quite beautiful~

  9. Thank you all for the lovely comments..much appreciated!! :)

    @FRANK: This species is doin well i think in India, you should come birding to India, would love to accompany you here for birding... :)

    @CHINTAN: Thanks a lot.. :) I am not yet Nat Geo level.. but soon... ;)

    @MARY: Oh no, im sorry you had to take so much trouble.. :( Not sure why, last week i had some issues with blogger, but i guess its all sorted now.. Thanks a lot again.. :)


  10. good shots Angad! could you give me a hint where around bangalore i could spot them :)

  11. beautiful shots! i learnt about ur blog thru chintan and loved it. wildlife photography needs a lot of patience. hats off...following you!

    My Third Eye

  12. Awesome...really like the second picture!

  13. Amazing shots! Perfect timing and careful composition!

  14. Great Shot and Educating ..
    I had captured a vultured but was struggling to name it.. now i know it was a Juvenile Egyptian Vultures....
    Thank for sharing and Info...great work keep it up....


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